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About Us

Full Circle celebrates a 20-year proven track record in professional learning and development design and leadership-related services, with 25 plus diverse experts led by Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp and Senta Greene. Their deep understanding of human development and the importance of emotional intelligence is a unique highlighted element of why they are recognized as skilled facilitators and systems strategists. Kathleen and Senta have exceptionally diverse professional backgrounds and expertise in understanding human behavior, mindsets, adult learning, and the science of leadership-supervision.


In their unique co-facilitation and co-directorship, Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp and Senta Greene unite their voices as women in leadership to motivate through transformation leading with emotional and cognitive intelligences. Engaging their team and clients in experiences that model and deliver personal empowerment, conscious leadership, and effective teaming. What differentiates Kathleen and Senta from other facilitators is how they provide inspiration, transforming people’s attitudes and beliefs, and aligning people with meaning and purpose in their professional and personal lives.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on meeting the moment of our clients and co-facilitating remarkable leadership-supervision journeys that inspire and transform the way leaders think about, execute, and measure their responsibilities and impact. Our mission is to improve leadership supervision and organizational performance. We challenge ourselves with every client and project to maximize extraordinary leadership using systems thinking, the sciences of adult learning, and leadership-supervision development to define client vision for the future and utilize evidence-informed practices to make it happen.


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