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Baseball and Bat

Youth Ambassadors

Our firm comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts and includes former athletes, parents of athletes, human development specialists, educators, and professors, which offers a holistic approach to our sport-based program design and development. We work collaboratively with coaches, school leaders, law enforcement agencies, school resource officers, and district attorney offices throughout the United States, including Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, Ventura County Sheriff Crisis Intervention Team, Ventura County Probation Agency, National Police Activities League and California Police Activities League, and FBI Special Agents Unit. We bring a host of services to education, law enforcement, and youth outreach programs. Our sports-based leadership academies support schools and under-served, at-risk communities. A central part of our work focuses on collaboration with schools and educational programs that desire to create more opportunities and inclusive campuses to support student-athletes from diverse life experiences. 

Meet Our Youth Ambassadors

We are ready to ramp up community services once again, and this time, we will begin with a Nike® cleats program designed and developed by Christopher Woods(Birmingham High School) and Sean Sapp(Crespi High School) for baseball communities.

We know Christopher and Sean continue to excel both on and off the field because of who they are, including their mental makeup and the support and sacrifice of their families. These young men demonstrate leadership qualities. We want to champion their continued success and development by inviting Christopher and Sean to participate in our Sports-based Leadership program as Youth Ambassador Leaders.

Sean Sapp - Crespi High School

Christopher Woods - Birmingham High School

Dean West - Notre Dame High School

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