Holistic Program Assessment

Provide Consultation, Program Assessment, & Direct Assistance for Developing Programs


Present in person or online Customizable Training Sessions with Weekly Support from a Dedicated Case Manager


Administer Training in Data Collection & Management to assist Funding Efforts & Sustainability


Redefining Juvenile Justice from a Developmental Approach

In 2013, a report entitled, Juvenile Justice Reform; A Developmental Approach, was published by the U.S. National Research Council.  Professional members from the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine were chosen for professional balance to form a committee and assess recent U.S. initiatives in Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. The final repot articulated an urgent need for the Juvenile justice community to reform juvenile justice based on a framework of the science of child and adolescent development.

Redefining Community Policing

"Community policing is focused on police officers building the trust of the members of the community and striving to work respectfully together to identify and solve community problems. Embedding law enforcement into the community is most effectively accomplished through constructive youth outreach programs."

Juvenile Justice

"A developmental approach to juvenile justice focuses on law enforcement officers being trained in the core curriculum of child and adolescent development. One command Post has impacted youth centers worldwide through training law enforcement in the Science of Child and Adolescent Development both nationally and Internationally."

Restoring Relationships between Youth & Law Enforcement

"One Command Post provides the tools for law enforcement to create youth outreach centers in at-risk communities empowering them to engage youth in long term mentoring relationships with law enforcement officers."

One Command Post is the trifecta of training for redefining community policing from a developmental perspective. One Command Post uniquely blends methodologies from the science of child and adolescent development, community policing and juvenile justice reform into one comprehensive curriculum. 

This curriculum implements best practices from all three professional perspectives and intellectually unites law enforcement and professional staff to develop and implement effective youth outreach programs.

One Command post consists of interrelated training and consultative components that provide knowledge and develop ongoing collegial relationships between police officers and professionals.


“The training I’ve received from Dr. Van Antwerp has proven to be indispensable in the interactions and support that I’ve been able to provide to youth dealing with life changing situations. Thanks to Dr. Van Antwerp the Youth at the West Hollywood YAL have benefitted in ways I would never have been able to provide without her personal guidance and mentorship.”

-Sean Ruiz

Deputy Los Angeles County Sheriff

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