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ONE COMMAND POST restores children, families, and communities

One Command Post is the trifecta of training for redefining community policing from a developmental perspective. One Command Post uniquely blends methodologies from the science of child and adolescent development, community policing and juvenile justice reform into one comprehensive curriculum. 

This curriculum implements best practices from all three professional perspectives and intellectually unites law enforcement and professional staff to develop and implement effective youth outreach programs.

One Command post consists of interrelated training and consultative components that provide knowledge and develop ongoing collegial relationships between police officers and professionals.

Dr. K is a certified STC provider-Board of State and Community Corrections - Standards and Training for Corrections.

ONE COMMAND POST will include:

  • training, consultation and direct assistance available to programs in various phases of development or re-organization

  • free consultation and program assessment with Dr. Van Antwerp

  • grant writing assistance based on developmental approach to juvenile justice

  • training via online CAD (Child and Adolescent Development) Talks with follow up live Q&A with Dr. K, powerpoint and handouts

  • weekly feedback and correspondence with a dedicated project manager

BECOME A MEMBER! Implement a developmental approach for your juvenile justice office, youth outreach program, after school program, or youth center.  

*Please review the training topics listed. You can choose to follow this topic outline or you can select specific topics in the order your team would like to learn.  You can also request customized topics you feel would be relevant to your youth outreach program! 

ONE COMMAND POST Training Topics:
  • Connecting with Youth: Building Relationships

  • Juvenile Justice Reform: A Developmental Approach

  • Best Practices in Child and Adolescent Development: Quality Mentoring

  • Code of Ethics for Youth Outreach Centers

  • Child Abuse Awareness and Mandated Reporting

  • Developmentally Appropriate Programs for Youth: Policies and Procedures


Convening and Training Review

  • Program Development (Macro/Micro)

  • Day to Day Youth Center management

  • The Brain and Behavior: Learning to Apply Latest Brain Research to Mentoring Youth

  • Agents of Socialization

  • Understanding and Tools for Working with the At-Risk Child

  • Constructive Guidance and Discipline vs. Punishment

  • Strategies for Working Proactively with Challenging Behavior in Children

  • How to Design Youth Programs "Recognizing and Developing Multiple Intelligences in Youth"


Convening and Training Review

  • Risk and Resiliency "Positive Youth Development"

  • Importance of Working with Children with Special Needs

  • Practices of effective and Ineffective Youth Mentors: How to Access and Guide

  • Building Community Partners

  • Program Evaluation

  • The Basic Components of Obtaining Funding: Working with our Board of Directors

  • Becoming a Field Trainer: A Comprehensive Approach


Convening and Training Review

Training Topics
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