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Knowledge-Based Practices

Knowledge-Based Parenting Academy

Knowledge-Based Teaching Academy

Knowledge-Based Policing Academy

Knowledge-Based Leadership Academy

Knowledge-Based Mentorship Academy

Each Academy is grounded in a developmental approach to working with youth, and each academy is customized for the targeted participants. 

The training curriculum we use is called “Knowledge-Based Practices.”  It is grounded in the science of child and adolescent development, multidisciplinary, multicultural and comprehensive of the human life span. 

We help professionals and parents develop techniques to deal effectively with at-risk children and challenging behaviors through an understanding of the science of child and adolescent development.

Participants learn how to set both long and short term goals in the area of discipline. They learn the importance of setting goals in disciplinary action not punitive action.  We teach that discipline involves a multi-factorial approach that builds reciprocal, respectful relationships.

Dr. K is a certified STC provider-Board of State and Community Corrections - Standards and Training for Corrections

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