Knowledge-Based Programs for Youth

Our holistic model focuses on the entire human lifespan from conception to emerging adulthood.  Every step and stage of life impacts development. 
Redefining Education, Youth Outreach, and Juvenile Justice from a Developmental Approach


A full service consulting firm specializing in child development, human development and organizational development. Dedicated to transformative ideas and actions to shape an inspired world. 


DEC - Division for Early Childhood's 36th Annual International Conference on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families

January 21, 2021 - January 29, 2021

Senta Greene

Founder & Co-Executive Director

Full Circle Consulting Systems, Inc.

Speaking at:

Diversity: An Invitation for Compassion, Connection, and Authenticity

Division for Early Childhood's 36th Annual International Conference 

on Young Children with Special Needs and Their Families


Our team of multidisciplinary experts offers single and multi-day workshops in the science of child and adolescent development.  Topics covered include early learning and school readiness, social-emotional wellness, juvenile justice diversion, resourcing, suicide, substance abuse, self-awareness and resiliency, leadership, goal setting and responsible decision-making.

Five Pillar Performance for Living and Leading






Training unites the child, family, school, and community by being offered four times per month for an entire year.  Weekly follow-up sessions, case management, data collection and impact reports are included.

Knowledge-Based Programs and Training Implemented in the following organizations: 

•Head Start /Early Head Start

•State Pre-Schools

•School Districts

•County Offices of Education State & Nationwide

•State & National Police Activity Leagues

•Sheriff’s Department- Youth Outreach Programs

•Police Department-  Youth Outreach Programs

Probation Officers

•School Resource Officers

•Sports Based Youth Development Organizations


We intercept and divert the school to prison pipeline by providing youth, parents, teachers and law enforcement officers a comprehensive multi-year educational training program focused on redefining juvenile justice from a developmental approach.

Custom Programs

Program will be customized to meet the needs of your school, law enforcement agency or youth outreach center. 




Senta Greene, MA, CCLS


Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp



Resource for Teens & Families

during COVID 19 stay at home orders


Enhance your physical, social and emotional well-being with mindful practices, yoga, breathing and deep relaxation, all created especially for older kids and teens. Practice making peace within so you can make peace in the world.

Videos by: Shanti Generation Mindful Yoga for Kids and Tweens 

Resource Selected by: Abby Wills, Full Circle Consultant

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