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Full Circle

Consulting Systems, Inc.

A full service consulting firm specializing in child development, human development and organizational development. Dedicated to transformative ideas and actions to shape an inspired world. 

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on meeting the moment of our clients and co-facilitating remarkable leadership-supervision journeys that inspire and transform the way leaders think about, execute, and measure their responsibilities and impact. Our mission is to improve leadership-supervision and organizational performance. We challenge ourselves with every client and project to maximize extraordinary leadership using systems thinking, the sciences of adult learning, and leadership-supervision development to define client vision for the future and utilize evidence-informed practices to make it happen.

Full Circle Around the World

We provide elevated leadership experiences for all types of government, educational, and social service organizations and have done so locally, nationally, and internationally. As a result, we have empowered sustainable leadership practices with multifaceted agencies such as law enforcement, state departments, county offices of education, school districts, small and large companies, non-profits and community-based organizations, and the sports industry. 

Full Circle International





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Impact Areas

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Knowledge-Based Programs and Leadership Training Implemented in the following agencies & organizations:

California Department of Education

FICE - International Federation of Educative Communities

California Department of Social Services

California Surgeon General/ ACEs AWARE 

Los Angeles Unified School District

Sacramento County Office of Education Executive Administration

Montebello School District Administration

Los Angeles Sheriffs Department

Los Angeles Police Department

Ventura County Probation Agency

Ventura County Sheriff's Crisis Intervention Team

Federally Employed Women

Ventura Human Services Agency

Head Start /Early Head Start

State Pre-Schools

School Districts

County Offices of Education State & Nationwide

Parent Leader Programs

State & National Police Activity Leagues

Sheriff’s Department- Youth Outreach Programs

Police Department-  Youth Outreach Programs

Probation Officers

School Resource Officers

Sports Based Youth Development Organizations

Custom Programs

Our work has led to conscious leadership, advanced innovation, and purposeful conversations using systems thinking, intelligence, and change as our main framework for outcome-driven practices that offer unique, holistic perspectives and bring bold ideas to life.

We have extensive lived experience in the planning and design of participatory methods and custom-designed processes reflective of the sciences of adult learning, engagement, and retention. We create innovative professional learning and development programs, curriculum designs, groundbreaking policy development, and achievements in systems change that lead to stronger executive teams, healthier workplace environments, and greater creativity, communication, curiosity, and passion.

Full Circle tailors programs to each client's or organization's needs. You can view samples of curriculum and topics for Full Circle's Knowledge-Based programs in the following areas: 21st Century Leadership, Early Childhood Education, and Youth & Family Outreach.


About Us

Full Circle celebrates a 20-year proven track record in professional learning and development design and leadership-related services, with 25 plus diverse experts led by Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp and Senta Greene. Their deep understanding of human development and the importance of emotional intelligence is a unique highlighted element of why they are recognized as skilled facilitators and systems strategists. Kathleen and Senta have exceptionally diverse professional backgrounds and expertise in understanding human behavior, mindsets, adult learning, and the science of leadership-supervision.





Senta Greene, MA, CCLS

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Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp

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