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21st Century Leadership

Our work has led to conscious leadership, advanced innovation, and purposeful conversations using systems thinking, intelligence, and change as our main framework for outcome-driven practices that offer unique, holistic perspectives and bring bold ideas to life.

We have extensive lived experience in the planning and design of participatory methods and custom-designed processes reflective of the sciences of adult learning, engagement, and retention. We create innovative professional learning and development programs, curriculum designs, groundbreaking policy development, and achievements in systems change that lead to stronger executive teams, healthier workplace environments, and greater creativity, communication, curiosity, and passion.

Sample Leadership Curriculum: 

• Accountability

• Brain Science and Leadership

• Adult Behavior and Leadership

• Chief Challenges in Leadership

• Combating Disruption Fatigue

• Conversational Habits (How We Talk, Listen and Connect)

• Conscious Leadership

• Coping with Unprecedented Change (Pivot, Survive and Thrive)

• Design Collaboration and Teambuilding

• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

• Intentional Communication

• Value Propositions and Mission Efficiency

• Organizational Trauma and Resiliency

• Purposeful Conversations

• Relationship-based Leadership

• Reflective Supervision and Practice

• Self-Care Practices and Workplace Social-Emotional Care

• Strategic Planning

• Resource and Program Sustainability

• Visionary and Inspiring Leadership


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Senta Greene, MA, CCLS

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Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp

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