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Father and Children

Youth & Family Outreach

"Today I learned more about how my mind works and why I've made some of my past decisions. I think that it's important not only for law enforcement but for all adults to understand how our minds develop and what they need to do on their end to help. I also think that after listening to this presentation that all expecting parents should listen to it as well so they can better raise their child."

Doris, 17 years old


Our Curriculum called Knowledge Based Parenting (KBP) introduces a powerful paradigm shift and solution to how we have historically thought about and approached juvenile delinquency and diversion.

Our model creates collaboration, active participation and equal partners in the process of guiding children's/teen’s education and social/emotional development.  When collaborative partnerships are formed,  collaboration promotes dialogue among children/teens, parents, teachers, and officers, resulting in positive changes and diverting the path to delinquency.

Knowledge-Based Parenting (KBP) is a 12 week diversion program designed to support parents, mentors, youth, and their families who have been in touch with the juvenile justice system. KBP is made up of five core components: Juvenile justice reform and the science of child & adolescent development, family engagement, strengthening families, five protective factors, and adverse childhood experiences.

Our diversion program for justice involved youth is designed to lift parents as leaders in the process of strengthening families using the 5 protective factors. We work hand-in-hand with probation and law enforcement leading a nation-wide movement to reform our juvenile justice system.

Resource for Teens & Families

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Enhance your physical, social and emotional well-being with mindful practices, yoga, breathing and deep relaxation, all created especially for older kids and teens. Practice making peace within so you can make peace in the world.

Videos by: Shanti Generation Mindful Yoga for Kids and Tweens 

Resource Selected by: Abby Wills, Full Circle Consultant

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