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Day Care

Early Childhood Education

Full Circle utilizes a model of training called Multi-integrated Systems of Training(MIST) which creates ONE CONTRACT with a team of child and adolescent development experts and embeds a multidisciplinary, multicultural, team into your organization to deliver a core curriculum focused on the whole child and social-emotional learning.


All participants are unified in the MIST relationship-based model of

teaching and learning.


ALL training topics are coordinated and contracted through ONE team and based on community needs. 

Sample Early Education

We are very excited to be the co-facilitators of an interactive, engaging

experience exploring the process of Building Responsive Relationships Through Respect, Mutual Understanding with Families and Co-Workers. Our time together will focus on concepts, skills, and strategies for child care providers that provide critical insights into the importance of holistic diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Your sessions will include an AM and PM experience that will offer content, resources, instructional methodologies, and reflection on high-quality practices supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion for children's social justice. Each segment is unique and carefully crafted to provide participants with a series of dynamic learning experiences that combine ground-breaking literature, professional wisdom, reflective practice, small and large group engagement, and meaningful information to promote deeper professional development and practice.

Educators will experience courageous conversations, high-level learning

activities, and real-life strategies to honor and support their professional development and deepen their quality of care for very young children. Each session will emphasize the power of lifelong learning through intellect,

perspective, and heart.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Senta Greene, MA, CCLS

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Dr. Kathleen Van Antwerp

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