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In Memory and Honor of Dr. Carol Kelly -

Dr. Carol Kelly made the world a better place for children, adolescents and families.  Her legacy impacted the world on a global level.  As a mentor, she has led hundreds of professionals into the field of human development, her work will be carried on for generations to come by those of us who will honor her teachings. 

Please share your ideas with the Juvenile Justice Reform & Youth Outreach Community!

Contribute a CAD (Child and Adolescent Development) Talk

I have created "CAD Talks" TM (Child and Adolescent Development Talks) for my training program.  These are educational talks that run between 5 and 15 minutes and provide a specific content in the field of child and adolescent development.  

I would like to invite you to create a CAD talk related to your field of expertise.  You can shoot this on your cell phone and simply send it to me, my editing team will create the final touches prior to placing it on the website. Each talk will be on a page dedicated to Dr. Kelly - we will create a library of CAD talks in her honor and we can share them as a tribute to educating the world as a united group of child advocates. 


Submitting your CAD Talk is easy:

  • If your video is already online email us a link OR

  • Send a video file via Dropbox by clicking the button below.

This is a sample CAD Talk to give you an idea of the kind of topic and delivery we hope you will share with our Youth Outreach and Juvenile Justice Reform Community! Please contact me if you have questions about submitting your CAD Talk. Thank you for participating!

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