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CAL PAL Leadership Academy


Read or download the Impact Report for the CAL PAL Leadership Academy!

Dr. K is a certified STC provider-Board of State and Community Corrections - Standards and Training for Corrections

National Police Activities League

California Police Activities League

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

VIDA – Vital Interventions & Directional Alternatives

Los Angeles County Probation

USC School of Social Work

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Youth Foundation –  Youth Activities League (YAL)

 Avalon YAL

 Century YAL

 Century Boxing YAL

 Compton YAL

 East L.A. YAL

 Norwalk YAL

 Temple YAL

 Walnut YAL

 Palmdale YAL

 South L.A YAL

 Industry YAL

 West Hollywood YAL

Pico Rivera YAL

 Mona Park YAL

 Marina Del Rey YAL

 Santa Clarita YAL

 Lakewood YAL

LAPD Police Activities Leagues (PAL)

Hollenbeck PAL

Devonshire PAL

Hollywood PAL

Pasadena PAL

Richmond PAL

Newton PAL

Rampart PAL

Northeast PAL

Operations Central Bureau

Southeast PAL

Topanga PAL

BECOME A LEADER IN JUVENILE JUSTICE REFORM & YOUTH OUTREACH! Implement a developmental approach for your juvenile justice office, youth outreach program, after school program, or youth center.  

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